Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Occasional rapper, often the Voice Of Reason, Adolphe is the member of the MOB that says what he wants, when he wants. Also known as Mr. One Up, he likes to show up his brothers whenever possible. He is also one of the MAIN reasons that [BTSX] does so much damage on Xbox Live. He plays as [Viper1121] add him up..Go get that BTSX..
Contrary to popular belief, he doesn't play the bass. He doesn't even generally get involved with the music. However, he does lend his talents to 4Sixteen for a track on RED OCTOBER. Titled "Super Shift", He and 4Sixteen proceed to go on a rant about women, family and the word swag.
Now 20, He plans to keep one-upping, stay fresh and eventually be a rich old guy with nothing to do but count money and continually one-up his friends.

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