Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Where to begin? BTSX representative Yon Basegod (We call him that because he has a STRONG dislike for Lil B) is a one stop shop. He's Jesus, a personal trainer AND he has a mohawk. Aww shit now!
He, along with 4Sixteen, is all about his music. A drummer in a band (forgot the name..ouch), he spends alot of time beating wooden sticks (HA!) Along with Adolphe and Cliff Jun, he also shows Xbox Live what [BTSX] means. Go add [Tiger1121] and have yourself a good cry.
Along with being Captain Fucking Awesome, he's also Captain Fucking Simp. Thats right, he loves the ladies. But, just as Cliff Jun doesn't give a fuck about what we say about his hair, YB gives a fuck what we say about his "fuck buddies"
At the end of the day, YB gets shit done. As with every other member of the MOB, he is a key part of day to day Operations.
OMG Yon Basegod!!
Jesus Swag!!!

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